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When you have a long journey ahead of you or need to travel for a long time, you need a trustworthy companion for a fun and safe journey.

That companion needs to be healthy and reasonable, and should have the ability to solve any problem with a positive mindset.

For the past 35 years, EUTO TM Autoparts has been thinking about how technology has developed in the power transmission and industrial safety sector of the heavy commercial vehicle and what kind of technology and safety equipment are required in the future.

Preparing in advance for the changing era is the greatest asset and pride of the "EURO TM/EURO Truck."

Based on this experience and technology, EURO TM and EURO Truck will become

- A responsible company which does its best !
- A creative and non-competitive company in which everyone can enjoy !
- A company which prepares for the next generation !
- A company which pursues public interest !
We will endlessly work towards our responsibilities and goals.
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