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2016's ~ today
2021 · Obtained certificate of official distributor in Korea of Euroricambi from Italy
2020 · EURO Truck Motors (Hyundai Eco-friendly commercial BlueHands)
· EURO Truck Motors designated as an electric and hydrogen-exclusive axle remanufacturing company
· Development and supply of EURO TM Autoparts special tools and testers
2019 · Launched "BETECH," EURO TM's original brand for industrial pneumatic tools
· EURO TM Autoparts transmission, axle tester
2018 · Launched "BETECH," EURO TM's original brand for industrial pneumatic tools
2017 · Pioneered overseas markets (export voucher business & Alibaba registration)
2016 · March: Patent certification for automatic transmission tester
· Caliper, TCU remanufacturing and repair kit supply
· Advertising of patented products and completion of production plant
2011's ~ 2015's
2015 · January : Applied patent for worktable for transmission/gear assembly separator for automatic transmission
· Signed an agreement for the distribution in Korea with the OPUS group of Sweden
· March: Designed and developed KS Q/IS09001:2008 automobile parts
· June: Signed an agreement for equipment/technology supply with Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.
· September: Designated as a promising SME by the Busan Bank
· October: Family Company MOU with Busan Institute of Science and Technology (training human resources)
2014 · April: Established EURO Truck Motors as a corporate body & appointed an advisor from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
· April: Appointed a customer advisor from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
· September: Designated as a Management Innovation Business (Main-Biz) by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
2013 · April: Registered as a venture company by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency and recognized by the R&D department of Korea Industrial Technology Association
· December: Applied patent for tool for assembling shaft of TCU
2012 · July: Designated as a partner company of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
· August: Joint R&D with Dong-A University
2011 · November: Established EURO TM Autoparts as a corporate body
2000's ~ 2010's
2010 · March: Submitted self-developed tools in the Jakarta Machine Tool Exhibition in Indonesia
· August: Submitted self-developed tools in Automechanika in Germany
2009 · January: Participated in facility investment with parts developing and manufacturing partner companies (SAMGONG GEAR, BSM Auto, Sunil machinery, Juho Trading Company, Duly Trade, etc.)
2004 · October: Signed dealership agreement with SAMGONG GEAR, Valeo Pyeong Hwa, and Pyung Hwa Global
1980's ~ 1990's
1997 · Started fuel-efficient transmission, axle gear development and localization project of imported parts
1989 · Changed company name to "Daelim Mission Trading Company" (Recognized as an official repair shop for Asia Motors, Scania, ZF, etc.)
1986 · November: Established "Daelim Development," a transmission and axle development company for large commercial vehicles
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