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EURO TM contributes to the development of new industries with our extensive technological knowledge and various experiences.

Remanufacturing (commercial)

By going through a professional process that encompasses transmissions, differentials, electric axle, caliper, and TCUs, it enhances the functionality and performance of the product.

Special tool R&D and production

As a tool specialized for transmission and differential tasks, it increases safety while reducing time for enhanced efficiency, which is being developed for maintaining precision and safety as its top priority.


Through self-development of TCU, dynamo, EOL, and testers, we currently have technological patents for preliminary inspection of control unit noise, torque, speed, temperature, and oil leak state.

Wheel hub manufacturing

The highest level of durability was certified through localization for the first time in Korea based on our experience and technological foundations.
We will become a company which puts competitive pricing and quality first in line with the era of the 4th industrial revolution through our 40 years of accumulated experience.
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